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Questions about data

July 24th, 2008

These past couple of weeks have been reviewing techniques for data analysis, especially the time-based analyses that are indicators of process, and have been investigating the Affymetrix Gene Probe Database just to familiarise ourselves with the meaning of the codes for each probe set.

There are many thousands on each chip, randomised throughout the space of the chip — we need to know more about these to poll our data intelligently (?!).

Also investigating a neural network type of weighting analysis using some of the readily available analysis software that can plugin to the software that we are using.

Our patch is now completing a kind of loop in that we are finding it helpful to map specifically the gene probe label to the particular sounds we are hearing (and easy text read). We are also placing this expression (?!) of data back into the laboratory using the images that we collected on our last trip to the Garvan.

As this is a live render, its a little difficult to represent on this blog site but please stay tuned.

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